Wave: security awareness learning center

We believe that learning about information security and privacy should be engaging and inclusive, and produce long-term behavioral change.

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What is Wave?

Wave is a learning experience platform where employees learn to work securely with information. The platform has been developed by Awareways, based on the latest insights from fields such as psychology, didactics and gamification. Wave is designed on the basis of microlearning: user-centered security and privacy-awareness training.

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Training is key to long-term behavioral change

Promoting security and privacy awareness is a tool; our real goal is sustainable behavioral change. With all our interventions, including Wave, our aim is to tailor information security and privacy awareness topics to each target group. After all, every employee is part of the security chain.

Within Wave, we combine theory with practice. We do this by having employees work in a safe virtual environment that is built up around real issues. We use various forms of multimedia microlearning to introduces employees to everyday scenarios that are relevant to your organization.

What are the main features of Wave?

The user is central

Every user is unique and has a unique profile, to which different training courses can be linked. New microlearnings can be added in the case of new, relevant security risks affecting users.

Freedom to learn

Having the freedom to choose how and when to learn improves learning effectiveness. Combined with gamification, freedom to learn produces high levels of motivation and engagement with the material.

Constantly in motion

Content must be current and relevant. Our content is written by experts and updated by our clients. Our team is constantly searching for the latest scientific insights and best practices to ensure maximum user resilience.

Interactive Wiki knowledge center

A learning environment must be an attractive space. While playing, users build their own Wiki knowledge center. They are able to consult this on demand – to check the incident reporting procedure, for example, or find out how to recognize phishing emails.

A fully accessible and inclusive environment

Accessible and inclusive learning is learning that respects diversity, optimizes participation, removes barriers, and anticipates and accommodates a variety of learning needs and preferences. Our learning environment complies with the WCAG 2.1 accessibility standards. More information about the accessibility of our products, including language levels, is available here.

Comprehensive reporting options

Wave gives you full control of your program and provides insights into how your organization is currently doing.

Wave is constantly evolving. We are continuously looking for improvements for both existing participants and new users. A dynamic overview of current and upcoming updates can be found here.

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