Information security is for everyone


By working closely with our clients, our UX-designers come up with smart solutions to continuously update our learning environment.

On this page you can read more about new functionalities that have been implemented for the benefit of accessibility and creating an environment for everyone.

Co-creation with Allianz Global

We like to work together with our clients. After all, the end user can provide crucial information about the user experience, offering valuable input regarding modifications to our learning environment. Together with our UX-designers we come up with smart solutions.

In cooperation with Allianz Global we have added a number of functionalities to our learning environment in line with the WCAG.

WCAG is short for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, a collection of guidelines and in some countries legislation for the accessibility of web content, aimed at people with disabilities. Several changes have been implemented throughout our online learning environment.


What does it look like?

A number of important adjustments have been made in terms of color, contrasts, font size and a focus on (improved) visibility. For example, a correct answer is not only green, but can also be distinguished from incorrect answers in other, color-independent ways (e.g. underlined).

There is also a focus on textual alternatives, where graphical representations are provided with replacement descriptions. In the new release, these elements will be gradually adapted.

Keyboard control only

Our online learning environment is fully accessible by keyboard control. That is to say, the program can be run using just the keyboard. This is useful for the blind and visually impaired, as well as for users who for whatever reason cannot use a mouse or touchpad.

In addition, we are looking at compatibility with screen readers and voice-over software, and making sure that animations and other moving content can be paused. This is currently still under development.

Accessibility by design

AWAREWAYS is working on a major update to the learning environment, set to launch in 2022. This update will include other forms of accessibility from the ground up. “Accessibility by design” is in fact one of the pillars on which our developers are building.

This way, we can guarantee in the future that our learning environment meets guidelines and legislation, and that everyone can use our platforms.

Information security is for everyone

We strive to ensure that all improvements are applied broadly and throughout all of our platforms, and that everyone can participate and no one is excluded because information security is for everyone.

If you have any questions regarding the subject of accessibility, please contact Leon Baauw via


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