From ‘we understand that working safely is important’ to ‘safety at work, of course!’ Awareways aims for nothing less than the latter mindset and behaviour. Psychology, communication and didactics are our instruments to achieve this essential behavioural change.

Technique versus behavioral change

Nowadays, it is common knowledge that technique by itself is not enough to get by. So how to accomplish a sustainable behavioral change? That momentum where working safely and securely is as common as buckling up when you get in a car?

Awareways will hold up a mirror to your organization, preferably in an expressive and challenging way. Our tailor-made security awareness program exposes vulnerabilities, offers solutions and rewards safer behaviour. By engaging experts in the field of psychology, communications, didactics and information security we quickly get to the core of the matter to reach measurable results.

Measurable success

Our method enables us to measure, analyze and intensify information awareness as well as actively support and guide your organization throughout the entire process. Your company culture and the general attitude of the staff are crucial factors for the implementation of a successful awareness program. Are your employees aware of their role in the matter of information security? What are the shared norms? Does management set an example? We work with you to get a clear picture and formulate a basis for a solid plan of action.

Our products

Security awareness is a process, not a product. Awareways will work with you to design the best possible mix of interventions, tailor-made for your company culture and security awareness maturity.

Baseline measurement: Culture scan

Information is power. The baseline measurement of Awareways is a proven method to measure, analyze and increase information awareness from a culture scan.

Wave learning experience platform

Wave is a learning experience platform that challenges employees to work securely with information.

Communication campaign

Can you dream it too, the BOB campaign? Our experts develop powerful concepts as a stepping stone for your security awareness campaign

Phishing simulation

Do you want better insight into the click behaviour of your employees and a concrete approach to make them more resilient to the threats of phishing?

Vishing simulation

Email is by no means the only channel that lends itself to phishing. Cyber ​​criminals also know where to find you easily via SMS or WhatsApp. We call that ‘smishing’. And then there is the possibility to be called: vishing


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