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Awareways is a young and innovative company within the security and privacy world with renowned (inter)national clients such as various ministries, Heineken, Unilever and Allianz.

In order to realise our international growth ambition, we are looking for reinforcement in our Sales team in the role of Account Manager-Inside Sales with opportunities to grow into account management.

Your average day at Sales:

Start off your day

You arrive at the office around 9 am. You grab a cup of coffee and chat briefly with some colleagues at our coffee bar. You start off, like every day, by checking the CRM system to process the incoming tickets.

A potential customer has requested information, so you call the customer right away. Together, you quickly get to the heart of his question, it matches well with Awareways’ services and you immediately schedule an appointment for one of your sales colleagues.

A great start, now check your e-mail for any responses to your offers.

At 10 o’clock you have a meeting: together with a colleague from programme management, you prepare a kick-off for a new client.

During the meeting, a client rings – you answer. They’re looking for an additional intervention to be deployed in the already ongoing programme. You quickly walk past the programme manager running this project and you discuss the progress of the programme so far. You immediately get some ideas and make an offer.

Back to what you were working on; tomorrow’s kick-off. You make final adjustments and discuss these with the programme manager and the account manager. As you have already done a lot for this client, you will join the kick-off tomorrow.


Lunchtime means logging off completely. Every day there is a well-stocked and healthy lunch table for you to join.

Is the sun out? Then we enjoy our lunch on our roof terrace!


In the afternoon, you have another appointment scheduled with a prospect. He wants information about our services.

You update this potential customer digitally on our possibilities. The customer is very enthusiastic and you agree to create a demo account and make an offer.

You have heard a lot of interesting information and make notes in the CRM system, request the demo accounts and prepare the tender.

In your e-mail, you see that thanks to your quick action, this afternoon’s quotation has now been signed by the client.

YES, another new client – a great end to the day.

Your role

In this new position within Awareways, you will work extensively with your sales colleagues, as well as with programme management and experts.

Your main tasks and responsibilities are:

  • Making offers and liaising with prospects
  • Digitally pitch Awareways to potential SME customers
  • First point of contact for colleagues with customer questions
  • Thinking along in the short- and long-term sales strategy
  • Maintaining and expanding the customer portfolio
  • Organising quarterly and annual team meetings
  • Keeping the CRM system up to date and optimising it
  • Monitoring and settling renewals
  • Initiating various actions and projects with marketing and business development, among others.

What do you get in return?

Room to grow – A varied job with motivating challenges and plenty of room for personal growth. The organization is young and growing, providing ample opportunities for professional growth.

Personal development – We take your personal development very seriously. We start with an external professional assessment and have regular scheduled moments to talk about personal growth. The more you grow, the happier we are!

Gear – an Apple laptop and phone.

A healthy office – Making the office as fun and productive as possible is our mission. We have a (healthy) lunch together every day.

Every Friday we celebrate the start of the weekend with a ‘kroketten-lunch’, and end-of-week drinks. You are also challenged to beat everyone in Nintendo games!

Mobility – We like to think along with your commute. Therefore you can get a Swapfiets bicycle to commute to the office and we cover other travel expenses.

Strategic trip – We go on an annual multiple-day company trip to work on our vision and strategy, but mostly to have a drink and do some karaoke.

Salary – For this position we are able to pay you between  €3.150 and €4.000 (based on a 40 hour work week) depending on you earlier relevant experience, your currents skills and your educational background.

Grow with us – After a year, you can join our Stock Appreciation Rights program.

Time for yourself – You’ll get 25 days of vacation time (based on 40hr./week)

For later
A good retirement plan with the possibility of additional personal payments.

We would love to meet you

Is all of the above something that interests you? Then we’d love to talk to you! Send your cover letter and resume to with the subject line ‘Account Manager-Inside Sales’, and we will contact you. We can get acquainted over a cup of coffee and see if there is a match.

Who are we? / Company profile

Awareways approaches security and privacy awareness from psychology, education, marketing and communication with the aim of sustainably changing behaviour and culture. We help our clients establish an overarching strategy so that employees become the strongest link in their organisation’s security chain. We do so with passion, energy and creativity!