Awareways internship for psychology graduate students

Do you want to contribute to a society where cyber criminals stand no chance, and everyone knows how to work securely with information? Can you work independently, and do you like an environment that is always in motion? If so, an internship at Awareways might be just the thing for you!


We are a young, international and innovative company in the security and privacy industry. Due to rapid growth, we are looking for psychology graduate students to join our team in the form of an internship. Our team consists of young professionals with many different backgrounds, such a communication, education sciences, psychology, marketing, data analysis, software development, and much more.

The psychological Theory of Planned Behaviour by Icek Ajzen is at the basis of many of our interventions. As we keep improving our approach, we would like our interns to support us in researching the use of this model for the recurring measurements (security awareness culture scan) we perform for our clients.

The assignment?

Your work will consist of:

  • researching developments on the Theory of Planned Behaviour and how Awareways can use these in future measurements;
  • improving the measurement by analysing the existing questionnaire;
  • researching the current Awareways client data, looking to find trends.

Additional details:

  • you will be supervised by work & organisation psychologist Robin Verdaasdonk, program manager at Awareways, and social psychologist Maarten Timmerman, CEO of Awareways;
  • our two main languages are Dutch and English;
  • we are looking for Master students to complete their internship here.


Interested in this internship and looking to apply? Please contact Robin Verdaasdonk, via or + 31 6 21 96 14 54.