The Security & Privacy Challenges are the next step in interactive e-learning: with questions that depend on your answers!

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Security & Privacy Challenges

Awareness training programs are the key in getting information awareness in your organization to the right levels – provided it is deployed in the right way. After all, security and privacy awareness are not products that require separate solutions, but processes that require a holistic approach. Awareways strives to offer an optimal mix of interventions, tailored to your corporate culture and security awareness maturity.

Our custom-made security awareness programs point out vulnerabilities, offer solutions and reward safer behavior. By deploying experts in psychology, communication, didactics and information security, we achieve measurable results.

Be challenged!

Awareways programs hold up a mirror to your organization. We prefer to do that in an eye-catching and challenging way. That’s why we developed the Security Awareness Engine and our Human Firewall Platform. Tools that go beyond e-learnings by linking content knowledge to storytelling, interaction and stimulating gamification.

For the Security & Privacy Challenges we have made our innovative awareness training platform even more interactive. How? By making sure the trajectory of each employee depends on the answers given. In other words, we are able to train within the target groups not only on topics and themes, but also on individual knowledge. Another step in security awareness!

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Tailor-made and interactive

We help organizations to become immune to (cyber) threats. We do this by challenging your employees with cyber security scenarios that correspond to their work situations and the information facilities employed in their daily routine.

You don’t confront employees on the production floor with CEO fraud, or train colleagues at location A on the specific circumstances of location B.
Recognizability and context are important factors in the successful rollout of awareness training.

The Security & Privacy Challenges are therefore not only tailored for your organization, but also custom delivered for teams, departments and work areas. This way we guarantee a recognizable setting to tackle realistic risks in everyday situations.

Customization at every level

We take the custom fit of awareness programs very seriously. The recognizability of the situations within the context of your organization plays a major role, but we then extend that customization to every level.

The platform is therefore not only generated in the colors of your organization, but also tailored per target group, per theme, and per learning objective. The progress is even linked to the personal knowledge level, because the routing per participant depends on the answers given. This dynamic cause-and-effect interaction with every individual participant is unique to this e-learning platform.

Learning objectives

The Security & Privacy Challenge offers the opportunity to:

  • mirror assignments to the everyday practice of your organization, even at the departmental level;
  • expose target group specific themes and topics;
  • adjust the knowledge of target groups, even individual employees;
  • gain concrete insight into weaknesses, both in terms of subject matter and per department;
  • set concrete learning goals and points for improvement: per department, per theme, per subject.

The Security & Privacy Challenges…

  • …are available for all common browsers;
  • …can be offered in several languages (and employees can switch between them;
  • …are customized by Awareways to fit policies, terminology and daily work situations;
  • …have an adjustable duration (typically 6-8 weeks);
  • …feature an environment where managers can monitor the progress of their team or department.

The Security & Privacy Challenges can be part of a larger Awareways awareness campagne, but are also perfectly suitable to imploy as a stand-alone product.

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