Security awareness is not a product, it is a process. Information security requires a 360-degree approach, meaning that we will launch different interventions in your organization. Take your time to study our products and services.

Baseline measurement – culture scan

Information is ‘power’. The awareness program will yield the best possible results only if there is a profound insight in the level of information awareness of your employees. The Awareways baseline measurement is a tested method to measure, analyse and intensify information awareness. The results can be translated into concrete future measures.


Wave learning experience platform

Activate security-aware behavior with Wave. We believe that learning about information security and privacy should be engaging, rewarding and produce long-term behavioral change.

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Remember the BOB campaign? Our experts develop powerful concepts for complete security awareness campaigns. Trust Awareways to deliver anything from strong one-off guerilla-moves to comprehensive communication concepts.

“Our communication campaigns are carefully tailored to your company culture and developed by leading designers.”

Geertje Veenbergen,
founder Awareways

Phishing simulation

Are you interested in the click behavior of your employees and looking for a concrete method to arm them against the threats of phishing? Please continue reading!

A laptop shows the landing page of our phishing simulation

Vishing simulation

Email is hardly the only communication channel used for phishing. Cyber criminals can just as easily approach their targets via SMS or WhatsApp. We call that ‘smishing’. And then there is the possibility of telephone fraud: vishing (voice phishing). The latter is on the rise, as you can just as easily be asked to provide information over the phone. Information which is then used to further breach your organization.

Voice phishing simulatie

SMS phishing training

Smishing or SMS phishing is a form of scam where Internet criminals approach you with text messages. The goal of SMS phishing is the same as phishing: to obtain information (such as login and bank information). Is your organization adequately protected? Read on quickly!

SMS phishing

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