Security awareness is not a product, it is a process. Information security requires a 360-degree approach, meaning that we will launch different interventions in your organization. Take your time to study our products and services.

Measure | culture scan

Quantify human risk based on behavior. Awareways has a proven method for assessing and measuring security behavior and culture. The culture scan is a crucial first step in starting a security awareness program. It provides valuable insights into the existing security culture and identifies areas for improvement. It forms the basis for a targeted, customized and successful security awareness approach.


Train | Wave learning platform

The adaptive learning platform Wave is more than just training. It is an interactive tool; a method based on microlearning, combined with gamification principles. Wave combines the power of microlearning with the proven principles of Miller’s pyramid to increase knowledge and train skills. The Wave library has an extensive range of security, privacy and integrity training.


Communicate | campaign

Communication plays an important role in influencing behavior change and does so through a variety of mechanisms and strategies. When done effectively, communication can inform, persuade, motivate and shape the attitudes and actions of individuals. Read more about our approach and campaigns.


Simulate | phishing & smishing

Use adaptive learning and simulation strategies, provide a personalized learning experience that matches the unique needs and skills of each employee. Turn simulations into a form of training, specifically designed to educate individuals and organizations on the risks associated with social engineering attacks of all kinds. Read more about approach.

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