Awareways Expertise Teams


Awareways has grown into an organization with over 60 creative employees.

We’d like to tell you a bit more about our organizational structure and the different expertise teams that are central to it, including Learning & Development, Software Development, Data ‘N Analytics and the Studio.

This structure, with its focus on research, the further development of our interventions and the stimulation of new ideas, has a great influence on our approach to behavioral change in information security.

DNA: Data ‘N Analytics

DNA or “Data ’N Analytics” is our team of professionals in the fields of mathematics, data science and even particle- and astrophysics(!).

Together, they process all the data from our phishing simulations, security awareness programs and culture scan into comprehensive reports that support our goals of behavioral change in information security.

From there on out, they develop new scripts, think about dashboarding and improvements, and design new methods for data visualization.

Learning & Development

Thanks to backgrounds in psychology, education, UX/UI and gamification, the team offers a dynamic mix of ideas and ambitions, resulting in exceptional products and solutions to make a (measurable) difference.

We know what our solutions can be, or should be, and work hard together to deliver it.

L&D is always looking for what needs to be further explored to continue to facilitate sustainable behavioral change. It’s what drives us to work on challenging new experiences, always focusing on maximal learning efficiency.

Software Development

The responsibility of our in-house development team is the (further) development of the Awareways Security Awareness learning platform. In addition to the programming code on the back-end, they pay a lot of attention to design, usability, accessibility and of course the latest developments in the field of learning methods and knowledge transfer.

A new phase of our online learning platform is in full swing, in which our creative visions come to fruition. What is good about the previous version(s), what can be improved, where do we want to set a new standard, and how do we get there? These questions are answered by a fanatical team that works on the continuous evolution of our learning environment.


Design Studio

Our Design Studio lays the foundation for all our creative expressions. These include digital applications, printed media, film and physical interventions on location.

We approach security and privacy awareness from the perspective of psychology, didactics, gamification and design. Communication plays a crucial role in this approach. We design complete campaigns that ensure commitment and engagement and encourage employees to take part in the program.

The visual language and the tone and style of our campaigns, including publication and distribution in print, online, within our learning environments and our clients’ various tools of communications all serve a larger purpose: cultural and behavioural change.

Program Managers

Our program managers hail from a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines, including psychology, communications, design, marketing and filmmaking. They are the intermediaries who help you set up an overarching strategy, so that employees can become the strongest link in the security of your organization.

We do this in an energetic and creative way, and in a multidisciplinary manner: our program managers guide you from the preliminary phase to the implementation of our training courses, and also play a role in the development and adjustment of our programs from their very diverse backgrounds.

AWAREWAYS Programmamanagers
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Marketing & Communication

We work for large and well-known international brands at home and abroad, but we ourselves have many communication needs as well – starting with the content on our website. We have our blogs, focused on developments and current affairs, the periodic newsletters and our social media.

Our MarCom department works together with our psychologists, data analysts, developers and program managers to translate our mission and vision into powerful messages, to provide the market with the latest benchmark information, and to guide you in taking the next step in the world of security and privacy.


The members of our sales team act as Awareways Ambassadors, in the office and on the road. They know better than anyone what your organization is looking for and they can explain it with conviction and enthusiasm, expanding our fan base at home and abroad.

They support (new) clients in the first steps to get started with our creative campaigns. Because they understand our approach and our clients, from small(er) governments and SMEs to the large multinationals.


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