In-depth, creative and enthusiastic about what we do: that’s the dynamic of our team in a nutshell. You can find our contact details below, know where to find us if you want to explore collaboration opportunities.

Maarten Timmerman

Social psychologist and specialized in attitude and behavior with a specific focus on information security and security awareness.

Arthur Timmerman

Marketing & Sales specialist with experience in IT outsourcing, where his interest in information security originated.

Geertje Veenbergen

Marketer and communications specialist and responsible for setting up effective security awareness campaigns.

Veerle Luijten

As a project manager with a background in film production, Veerle is able to use her creativity in our training and campaigns.

Margret Mijwaart

Margret is our energetic and creative project manager with a mountain of experience at communication agencies.

Hannah Boom

With a creative and business background Hannah oversees the total spectrum.

Robin Verdaasdonk

With her background in A&O psychology Robin advises on policy, processes and their communication, so information security in your organization becomes as natural as it is with us!

Leon Baauw

With a background in art and design Leon brings creativity as a project manager.

Jorik Koenjer

Jorik’s training in Security Management has given him a wide range of tools to address security & privacy awareness in a creative and effective way.

Anniek de Kort

Anniek studied Educational Sciences at the University of Utrecht and supervises various projects based on her expertise.

Paulien van Diepen

Paulien is one of our program managers in the growing team of creative organizational talents. “I get excited about coming up with new ideas and then developing them into original and thought-provoking content!”

Tom van Ruitenbeek

Tom holds a master’s degree in Information Sciences with a security & privacy track at the Radboud University and as a project manager he likes to think along with our customers.

Dominique Dinkla

Dominique studied Psychology in Groningen and Forensic Criminology in Leiden, and applies her knowledge and experience in group dynamics and social psychology as Program Manager Security Awareness.

Suzanne Dijkstra

Program manager Suzanne uses her insights from Cultural Anthropology and Creative Business to collaborate on holistic and creative human-centered programs.

Fieke Spoler

Equal parts film scholar, researcher and communications expert, Fieke works on her programs with a big heart for social and ethical issues.

Marlou Snelders

Eager to turn knowledge into action by connecting innovators to end-users and bridging the gap between tech, research, and policy.

Kia von Schoubye

Kia guides our clients from the preliminary process to the implementation of our training courses, and also plays a role in the development of our creative learning programs from her fields of Media Studies and Storytelling.

Jelle Looijen

Business developer Jelle gets his energy from contact with our clients and likes to talk to you about what our innovative learning programs can mean for your organization.

Rob Eijkelhof

Our sales specialist Rob scans the market and supports our team in our sales activities.

Bram Steenkamp

Bram is pursuing a Master’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Groningen and is behind the scenes organizing everything for our webshop.

Ilse de Bruin
Ilse de Bruin

Ilse works ‘behind the scenes’, where she provides support in financial tasks, personnel matters and office management.

Rob Nijman

Communication consultant, content specialist and copywriter with a background in Economics, Journalism and Communication Studies.

Chris van der Werff

With a background as a graphic designer and art director, Chris has extensive experience in developing and implementing communication concepts.

Hector Javier Ordonez

As an experienced software developer, Hector supports the Development cluster.

Maureen Rademakers

Graphic designer Maureen can bring her experience and original designs to our Studio and believes that a solution works much better when it really suits the client.

Rens den Hertog

As UI Designer Rens stands in between the creative team and the development team. He translates ideas and concepts into interactions and visual hierarchies in the software.

Mati Kochen

Mati is our technical development manager with a background in software engineering.

Miguel Bento

Natural born software developer Miguel is responsible, among other things, for the frontend of the new learning platform we are building.

Joost Kersjes
Joost Kersjes

Joost works as a developer for our new platform. Mainly he helps build a frontend that works for everyone.

Bradley Zeggelaar
Bradley Zeggelaar

Bradley is a developer with an absolute passion for IT and software, and especially for using them in the right way.

Afonso Costa

Afonso is a software development enthusiast, specifically focused on what needs to happen behind the scenes.

Zacharias Luiten

Framework independent software developer. Believing in DevOps culture and micro services. Passioned about clean code, SOLID, DRY and (unit) testing (TDD).

Jan-Willem Bullée

Our data scientist and research & development analyst, specializing in (the prevention of) phishing.

Daniël Kok

Data Scientist/Analyst with an interest in Quantum Computing and Big Data, and a Masters in Particle- and Astrophysics.

Annemarie Schaefers

From her background in applied mathematics and data science, Annemarie is one of the members in our team of Data Analysts to investigate what can be done better based on the data of our campaigns.

Pascal Koelemij

Together with his colleagues from the Learning and Development department, Pascal explores learning opportunities to facilitate sustainable changes in attitude; his background as a pshychologist helps Pascal to thrive in this job.

Jeroen Koppe
Jeroen Koppe

Jeroen stayed with us after his graduation research in Integral Security Engineering and came onboard as a security officer. With his addition, our current ISO-team was born.

Yari Anrango
Yari Anrango

Data analyst Yari is a specialist in Artificial Intelligence and uses the programming languages R and Python to check our datasets for areas of improvement.

Mehrdad Babazadeh

A passionate and a skilled Data Scientist with several years of experience developing robust code for high-volume businesses.

Remy Dijkstra

Passionate master in Industrial Engineering with strong interest in data science/logistics-related problems, and a passion for continuous learning and professional development.

Pien Weelink

As a marketing employee, Pien is able to put her passion for storytelling and creation to good use in strong campaigns.

Femke van de Vliet

Mathematics student Femke supports Awareways in various areas, from analysis to creating clear reports.

Bart Klok

As a master’s student in Educational Sciences and Technology, Bart supports us in various projects. He is also skilled in webdesign.

Manon Veenbergen
Manon Timmerman

Manon studies Communication and Information Sciences at the University of Utrecht. At the office, she supports us in various projects.

Sjoerd van Veldhuizen

As an upcoming social psychologist, Sjoerd is conducting research at AWAREWAYS as part of his master’s degree at Utrecht University.

Xavier Nap

With a big interest in crime, Security Management student Xavier supports Awareways in various projects. With his knowledge of cybercrime, he is enthusiastic about improving information security for businesses.

Fausto de Lang

As data scientist and master’s student, Fausto is developing his skills in turning data into useful data through applied statistics and algorithms.

Nienke Geudeker

Nienke has years of experience in various industries, set up a great awareness program as a communications consultant with Awareways, and then joined us as a spider in the web in the role of program manager.

Serena Raffa

Serena successfully completed her studies in Communication and Multimedia Design and is now going to work as a project supporter.

Lisette van den Heuvel

With a background in communications and service, Program Manager Lisette has a passion for helping organizations excel in safe work practices.

Joshi Verschuren

As Learning & Development Specialist, Joshi has a background as a teacher and educationalist. She enjoys putting her passion for learning and development to work on learning issues.

Lieke Jeursen

Lieke is studying Human Resource Management and is gaining work experience at Awareways as a junior HR business partner. By gaining work experience in different areas, Lieke can broaden her skillset and develop into an HR specialist.

Tessa Portier

As a master’s student in Neuroscience & cognition, Tessa is a true bridge builder between how our brain works and how we keep our online world safe


As Chief of Atmosphere Management, Maggie keeps an eye on ‘office morale’ several days a week. Be sure to watch your shoes, though, and be alert for little surprises.


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