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2 June 2022

Welcome to the security awareness movement

Perfect timing! In the run-up to the upcoming RSA Conference (and our first-ever presence at the world’s leading information security conference in San Francisco!), we are proud to launch our new brand story and the way we visually communicate as an organization.

We have strengthened the foundation from which Awareways was built over the past decade, enhanced it through experience and progressive insight, and prepared it for the future. Join us!

A brand story in visual language

“Think of it as a renaissance,” says Chris van der Werff, creative director, Awareways Creative Studio. “We want to present ourselves as the go-to company when it comes to focusing on ‘the human factor’, with all due attention to the people side, based on the latest insights on behavioral and cultural change.”

“We live up to that with our approach, with a continued focus on the interplay between technology and people. You should not look at our new brand story as reinventing ourselves. Quite the contrary – our mission and vision are unchanged. We need to work and live – and stay safe and resilient – in a highly information-driven and digitized world, and that’s where we as an organization want to contribute. That’s where our energy goes, every day.”

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The Age of Awareness

Information is the currency of our time. Sometimes even more valuable than money. Because information is knowledge and knowledge is power. The power to run businesses, to drive innovation, even save lives.

We believe that in our digitizing world, a solid security culture is key. And that security awareness is where behavioral change starts. We’re manifesting what’s already there. Our new branding means we can tell our story in imagery as well. Our mission is to create a more resilient information society. We invite you to join us.

Welcome to the security awareness movement.

Behavioral change = movement

Communication (storytelling), design and creativity are a pivotal part of our approach. This is reflected in our branding. We need to move forward – if we wish to change behavior and improve security culture.

We do so with a healthy dose of curiosity, empathy and the power to use creative means.

We believe that our information society is ready for a change. A change that we want to reinforce. Our programs are a catalyst for behavioral change.

With that in mind, we reach out to people to better understand what security awareness means. For them, for their organization and for society as a whole.

Managed security awareness

Hannah Boom, Creative Studio lead and senior program manager: “We’re talking about our brand, but it fully translates to our services as well. Because this is how we also interact with our clients and set up our managed security awareness programs.”

“We look at the DNA of an organization, the motivation of people to work there, and the issues that are most prevalent in terms of information security. We always want to understand the environment our clients are in – and use that in developing a message that really connects.”

“We now want to exude that creativity as an organization. Because our new style was developed entirely in the Awareways Creative Studio. Which means it shows what is possible for our clients too.”

Sustainable behavioral change

Cultural change within organizations and society as a whole – and more specifically behavioral change of all individuals part of it – remains our main goal. As the next generation of agents of behavioral change, we take people on that journey. By approaching them as the strongest link in the information security process, rather than the weakest.

“Security awareness is a sixth sense,” says Chris. “That’s why we prefer to turn people from risk factors into key players. And we think from the perspective of what you can do, and opposed to what you cannot. This includes the positive image that you can now see in our visual language as well.”

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