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Wave is a security awareness learning platform where you learn how to work securely and keep information safe. The platform is based on ‘microlearnings’ that form a user-centered security and privacy awareness training. This article introduces you to microlearning in general and one variant in particular: skill games.

Microlearning: skill games

Pascal Koelemij

Wave is constantly evolving. We are continuously looking for improvements for both existing participants and new users. A dynamic overview of current and upcoming updates can be found here.

What is microlearning and why is it such an effective tool for teaching?

“It is very effective in learning programs to approach one topic from multiple angles,” says Pascal Koelemij, Awareways Learning & Development (L&D).

“Knowledge is always the starting point – but being able to reproduce facts does not equal behavior change. To achieve behavioral change, you want to go beyond repetition of theory. That’s why our trainings are focused on microlearning, microskilling: we focus on one topic, one skill. Thanks to microlearning, we offer users in Wave the opportunity to practice and apply concepts flexibly.”

Pascal came on board in early 2022 as a psychologist with an expertise in training & development. “Security awareness programs often stop at knowledge transfer, but we are always concerned with the step that comes next; it’s crucial that you also understand the knowledge offered, and learn how to turn it into the right behavior. That’s where Awareways really makes a difference. At L&D, we focus on making all the necessary steps between knowledge and behavior. Skill games are  a great tool for that.”

Skill games in Wave

“To effectively offer an intervention or part of a training, we always approach a behavior change issue from the perspective of learning objectives. After we set those learning goals, we can develop well-founded interventions to get closer to the desired behavior in a structured way. It works the same way for our skill games: microlearnings based on the benefits of gamification.”

The unique skill games in Wave are developed in collaboration with Game Tailors. “We design the games ourselves, from the learning objectives and the skills we want to train to the design and user experience,” he said.

“We have all the expertise when it comes to learning and didacticism in-house, as well as the know-how in design and UX (User Experience). If we get to a point where can’t figure out a game mechanic, or are unsure about multiple options, Game Tailors comes with a bucket of expertise and collaborates on solutions.”

Wave skill gam
Miller's Pyramid

Miller’s pyramid

In Wave you will find a reflection of Miller’s (1990) competency model, designed as a pyramid. The higher you get in that pyramid, the more likely you are to actually apply behavior change and thus make the desired steps.

“The base of the pyramid starts with knowing (‘knows’), i.e., the knowledge. Then you move through using this knowledge flexibly (‘knows how’) and showing (‘shows how’) to ‘doing’. That last step is behavior change in practice.”

“The skill games we are developing fit the ‘shows how’ layer: showing that you have the skills needed to perform the desired behavior.”

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