18 January 2023

Introduction: Marlou, Fieke, Tycho and Youssef

We welcome new talent! Two program managers and two project supporters from diverse backgrounds join Awareways. Get to know Marlou, Fieke, Tycho and Youssef.

Cybersecurity expert Marlou

Marlou follows the study European Studies. With this broad study, she comes into contact with subjects about security within the government and it was love at first sight. ‘Security has always been the common thread. During my bachelor thesis and master I really went in the cybersecurity direction.’ With her master’s in Crisis and Security management under her belt, she went to work as a program and innovation manager at a security semi-government organization. Here she organized an international cyber security summer school. ‘The idea is that technology, policy and the social side come together and mix. There will be all kinds of lectures with various guests.’

At the major international trade fair RSA, she came across Awareways. ‘I immediately had a good feeling and thought it was very cool that they are also really working on the psychological side of security. Something that was somewhat lacking at the summer school.’ She gladly accepts a new challenge and is now working as a program manager at Awareways. Making an immediate impact and really making a difference. ‘Everything I’ve built up I can use directly in my work here. The drive of everyone here is also hugely inspiring.’ Working together with so many different backgrounds and contributing to a social cause makes Marlou feel right at home here.

Programmamanager Marlou

Programmamanager Fieke

Creative Fieke

Fieke has always been interested in film but never thought she would be able to make her job of it. So after she finishes her bachelor communication she wants to make a step towards the film world. Learn more about how film works and how to touch the audience. She is taking a master’s degree in film and television. ‘I think it’s really cool to create impact with film. To be able to convey a social message to a large audience.’ She combines this mission with her communications background during her job at the Dutch Film Festival within the marketing & communications team. She also worked for several years at film houses and even a film distributor.

This creative lady is now leaving the film and theater world behind and focusing on a completely different branch; cybersecurity. ‘I really enjoy learning new things about information security. Fieke can put her experience to good use in her new role as program manager ‘I see many parallels between Awareways and my experience in the film industry. It’s not just about informing and transferring knowledge but really creating awareness.’ Eager to learn, she gets to work full of energy. But she continues to cherish her passion for the art form of film.

Business ISO talent Tycho

This Hilversum native is studying business administration at the Hogeschool Utrecht and took a minor in privacy and data security. Here Tycho is developing in the field of cybersecurity. ‘Combining the human factor with data protection and processes in an organization was something I really enjoyed.’ While working at a bank, he spent a lot of time requesting and checking certifications including multiple ISO certifications. Since then, he has focused mainly on cybersecurity and organizational processes.

He got to know Awareways during the lectures Maarten gave and was eager to carry out his internship project here. No sooner said than done. ‘Together with the ISO team, we looked at which processes I can improve and pick up for my project. For the rest, they let me completely free to decide how to do it.’ An important part of this is that he uses the method of design thinking. His first improvements were immediately tested with success during the ISO audit.


Portret foto Jossof

Econometrist Youssef

Youssef is studying econometrics at Vrije University Amsterdam where he focuses on the data side. Studying together with fellow students and learning from each other is something he enjoys doing. ‘We study a lot together and explain everything to each other. That’s much more effective and sociable.’ Not so surprisingly, he tutors high school students in addition to his studies.

Being able to work well together is something he can put to good use in his new role as a project officer at Awareways. Although cybersecurity is new to him, he has discovered a new interest. ‘I had more of an image before me that cybersecurity would be very technical but that is not the case at all. But it involves much more behavioral change.’ Youssef learns every day and enjoys helping our Data N’ Analytics team.

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