The three C’s: communication, communication, communication

30 May 2022

Communication is key in a successful awareness campaign

Creative campaigns are an important part of our approach. They are the common thread running through a security awareness campaign. The best way to bring the subject to the attention in a positive and eye-catching way. Our experts develop powerful concepts as a framework for your entire security awareness campaign.

For everything from a one-off guerrilla action to extensive communication concepts you can rely on us.

These campaigns, for which the foundation is laid by our culture scan, form the basis for increasing information awareness with regard to security and privacy, but also for structurally changing behavior. The main purpose of awareness campaigns is, after all, to influence the adoption of secure behavior. However, effective influencing requires more than just the provision of information.

In this article we’ll therefore be looking at the defining factor of an awareness campaign that must successfully lead to behavioral change….

Communication, Communication, Communication

First off, there are several components that can (and indeed must) be considered for the lead role in a successful campaign. There is not just 1 factor after all, because information security is a process, not a product in which that one variable is decisive. This means that we will always apply different interventions to your organization.

A really good campaign is about much more than just behaviour that people should or should not display. When creating an internal communication campaign, we look at the DNA of the organization, the motivation of people to work there, the themes that matter most in the field of information security and much more. We transform all these ingredients into a catchy communication campaign that connects with the organization in an innovative way.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts: that is the effect of recognizable and unambiguous communication. A communication concept serves as a steppingstone for all messages, including the interventions in relation to information security, privacy and/or integrity.

AWAREWAYS communication campaigns

The effective teaching of new skills can lead to the prevention of risky actions and the promotion of safe behavior. At the same time, there is a wide debate about programs aimed at raising security awareness. Indeed, in many cases they require a great deal of effort and skill from the target group, while the measures fail to produce real results. This is due to a number of pitfalls, including a lack of understanding of what safety awareness actually is. In addition, there is often a lack of attractive and appropriate materials.

A key role in effective policy is reserved for communication. Or better yet: the extent to which employees can effectively get to work with and get involved – and stay involved! – with cybersecurity programs within a company.

Custom managed security awareness

AWAREWAYS holds up a mirror to your organization with a customized package. Our custom managed security awareness program defiantly points out vulnerabilities, offers solutions and rewards safer behavior. By using experts in psychology, storytelling, gamification and didactics, we get to the heart of the matter and achieve measurable results.

We’d love to discuss the possibilities for your organization.

AWAREWAYS Culture scan

Our culture scan is a proven method for measuring, analyzing and increasing maturity in the field of information awareness within the organization. It also provides a clear picture of the organizational culture and needs. We do not deliver generic products, but support from A to Z the execution of an awareness campaign that suits your employees and the purpose of the intervention. Together we achieve measurable behavioral change and make people the strongest link.

Would you like to know more? Feel free to contact us, we’d love to discuss the possibilities.


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