AWAREWAYS in international directory of SA&T service providers

11 November 2021

AWAREWAYS only Dutch organization in ‘Now Tech: Security Awareness and Training’, the foremost overview of SA&T vendors

Research and consulting firm Forrester has published Now Tech: Security Awareness and Training, Q4 2021.

Now Tech publications highlight the value proposition, vendor segments and individual vendors operating in a maturing market, in this case the market for security awareness solutions and training worldwide. The report is an overview of 34 international players, including AWAREWAYS.

Security Awareness & Training

Organizations can use security awareness and training (SA&T) solutions to measure and manage risky behavior, improve security posture, and elevate cybersecurity culture. “But to realize these benefits, you must first choose from a diverse set of vendors that vary by size, functionality, geography and vertical market focus,” writes author Jinan Budge in her report. “Security leaders should use this report to understand the value they can expect from an SA&T vendor and to select one based on size and functionality.”

According to the report, “The days when SA&T solutions had one purpose, which was to “train” people about security, and meet perfunctory compliance regulations, are mercifully disappearing. While this remains the most human-centric market in the cybersecurity space, this human focus is no longer as simplistic as training humans.”


“Some SA&T vendors are disrupting the market by shifting their human focus to measure the human risk, based on humans’ actual behaviors or sentiments about security. By doing so, they have the ability to not only train people, but demonstrate how changes in behavior reduce actual cybersecurity incidents.”

It has led to a new and updated overview of a maturing market in which AWAREWAYS evidently could not be absent.

The Human Factor

“We are proud to be a part of Forrester’s Now Tech-report for our industry”, says Geertje Veenbergen, director of AWAREWAYS. “We believe our inclusion shows that the market for SA&T solutions is truly evolving into a mature market with room for organizations like ours to focus exclusively – and with a fully holistic approach – on the human factor.”

“People are the key in creating a secure digital world, especially at a time when digital trust needs to be at the heart of every organization, right where the people are.”

Forrester Now Tech-reports

The Forrester Now Tech category of market analysis and reports is designed to support the research firm’s clients in gaining an industry or sector perspective. In particular, they serve as a tool for organizations to identify the key players in a given market, to facilitate the shortlisting of vendors that best address their relevant business technology issues.

A Now Tech report classifies established players based on variables such as annual revenue, functionality specific to the market being addressed, and current customer base. Content elements of the offering per vendor are also considered, including things like style, creativity and degree of customization.

The full report is available to Forrester
subscribers or for purchase via this link.


Awareways works for governments, healthcare providers and commercial service providers in a range of industries and countries. Interactive learning programs use storytelling, educational principles, communication and gamification to train staff in information awareness in a creative, compelling and efficient way.

The core of these programs is a unique learning environment, the place where all interventions come together. In consultation, the right approach is chosen to facilitate real cultural change in your organisation. Is information security a choice, or a foundation of responsible and future-oriented business?


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Euclideslaan 141 3584 BR Utrecht
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