Newsletter September 2022

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As you probably already know, research into behavioral psychology is a defining pillar of our approach. That’s why we’d like to take you through the latest findings from our Data ‘N Analytics (DNA) team, this time putting the spotlight on our approach to phishing.


  • Operation Phishing Rod
  • Mystery Guest: not quite a hacker in a hoodie
  • Checklist in case of new security measures
  • Awarecast: the launch of our podcast
  • Introducing: Ann Schoot Uiterkamp

In addition to being an associate professor of Industrial Engineering & Business Information Systems, Jan-Willem Bullée is our resident phishing expert. In this newsletter he’ll share his analysis for Project Rod, and he’s the guest of the pilot episode of Awarecast, our podcast.

Operation Phishing Rod

As the name would suggest, Operation Phishing Rod is focused on phishing. More specifically, it is a project of Team DNA to analyze and compare the results of the many phishing simulations we roll out for our clients.

Would you like to know how we continuously improve our approach to get the best results? Read up on our latest research here.

AWAREWAYS Cultuurscan

Mystery Guest: not quite a hacker in a hoodie

If you google-search “hacker”, you always end up with the familiar image of one in a hoodie, hunched over behind a computer screen in some dark room. In the real world, it’s rather different…

To find out just how alert the employees at one of our clients are when it comes to on- and offline data protection, we sent in Paulien van Diepen, on of our program managers, as a Mystery Guest.

Checklist: implementing new security measures

Implementing new measures to increase cyber resilience has become a natural part of corporate culture in almost every organization.

This checklist is meant to help you along with the appropriate implementation of new measures. Appropriate for your organization, for your employees and for the purpose of the intervention. | Tick the boxes here

phone with security awareness engine

Awarecast: the launch of our podcast

We have launched Awarecast, a podcast about information security risks in your everyday life. Each episode will revolve around recognizable situations, which we’ll discuss with relevant experts. Jan-Willem, our resident phishing and social engineering specialist, is our first guest. | Listen to the pilot episode here

Awareways sponsorship: the power of movement

We have entered into a sponsorship deal with duathlete Ann Schoot Uiterkamp. Ann has a coaching business under the name Move to Focus and – oh yes! – she represented the Netherlands and Awareways at the World Games in Birmingham, Alabama this summer.

We have found each other in our mutual interest in moving forward, which we will be putting into practice – with workshops on mental resilience and perseverance in the office, as well as training in behavorial change.

Ann Schoot Uiterkamp

We’d love to introduce her to you. You can read our interview on our website.


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