Newsletter February 2022

Dear reader,

2021 was an exceptional year for AWAREWAYS. Our organization has more than doubled in size – from 20 to over 40(!) team members. We have also welcomed several new clients from the Netherlands and abroad. We owe this enormous step forward to your continued trust and support – which is why we’ve proudly shared a recap video of our journey so far.


  • Expertise teams
  • Security Awareness learning environment
  • Accessibility
  • Information security through
    shared knowledge

Now, we would like to tell you what we have planned for 2022 and beyond. In this newsletter, we’ll dive into the various expertise teams of our organization, specifically Software Development and what they have in store for our online learning environment.

Expertise teams

An important part of our growth is the creation and evolution of expertise teams within AWAREWAYS – such as Data ‘N Analytics (DNA), Learning & Development and Software Development. This structure, with its focus on research, the further development of our interventions and the birth of new and creative ideas is of great influence on our approach to behavioral change in information security.
You can read all about it here.

Security Awareness learning environment

You can expect quite a lot from us in 2022, starting with a major redevelopment of our learning environment. What does that mean? Important adjustments that stimulate engagement and interaction, the latest applications from the field of online learning, and even more emphasis on behavioral change, not just knowledge transfer. Find out more about our plans here


So, we are continuously working on our learning environment. But that’s not all. The subject of accessibility has played a huge part in taking those next steps.

Accessibility by design is one of the pillars on which our developers are building. We attach great importance to a platform where everyone can participate and no one is excluded – because information security is for everyone.

You can read more about accessibility here

Information security through shared knowledge

Finally, in the past year we were able to welcome a number of wonderful new clients, including municipalities and government agencies, various international clients and a number of organizations from the manufacturing industry. This growth also means a serious expansion of our network, and with it the opportunity for valuable knowledge sharing.

Mediating in communication between companies or organizations in a safe and reliable way is a role we gladly take on in order to facilitate collective learning.

Consult with your peers

In other words, please know where to find us if you want to consult your peers about security- or privacy-related issues or challenges!


This marks the first AWAREWAYS update of 2022. We intend to provide you with developments within our organization and in the market several times a year.

Geertje, Arthur, Maarten