Awareways update nieuwsbrief 2024
Awareways update nieuwsbrief 2024

Discover the latest addition to the Wave learning platform: AI (Artificial Intelligence), the basics

Upon completing this module, you will possess the basic knowledge of artificial intelligence (AI). You will learn what AI is, its various applications, and why careful usage is essential. You will explore the risks, laws and regulations, and find out how biases in AI play a role. You’ll understand why privacy and human rights are important when using AI – and learn practical steps to safely deploy AI and why avoiding corporate data in AI is crucial.

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Een afbeelding van een bewakingscamera en de tekst Privacy Now

From fear to action

Are we still startled by yet another data breach? Or do we feel powerless? In our latest blog, psychologist Maarten Timmerman unravels the psychology behind this phenomenon and reveals why the traditional ‘Fear Appeal’ approach doesn’t always work.

Are you ready to activate your organization without falling into the trap of fear? Click below for the full article.

INVITATION: Awareways Connect

Every day, we engage in dialogue with our customers, each facing the same challenges. But what if we tackle those challenges not alone, but together?

Awareways invites you to an inspiring gathering to engage in conversation. Let’s share valuable knowledge and explore best practices together to build a culture of optimal security.

On March 5th, we are hosting an inspiring event for our valued clients. Discover the latest trends in security awareness, share experiences, and expand your network.

– March 5th
– 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM
– Euclideslaan 141 | 4th floor


– Introduction by social psychologist Maarten Timmerman (CEO Awareways)
– Group discussions on provocative statements
– Closing discussion and networking drinks

Please confirm your attendance before February 26th via

We look forward to your presence.

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