Awareways update nieuwsbrief 2023
Awareways update nieuwsbrief november 2023

Complete your agenda for 2024 with the (Cyber) Security & Privacy Holidays

As a CISO, you are already familiar with the importance of security and privacy awareness every day of the year. It is essential to handle information consciously and work securely. But did you know that we have something special for you in 2024?

Our ‘cybersecurity and privacy holidays’ are marked on the calendar, offering various moments to highlight your awareness program.

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Smishing threat? Our advanced strategy protects

Smishing, the clever combination of SMS and phishing, is undoubtedly a growing threat to your organization. But don’t worry! Our advanced smishing strategy simulates realistic attacks to fortify your organization against this emerging threat.

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Launching new micro-learning modules in Wave! Open Government Act (Woo) and AI

As a government employee, you may encounter the Open Government Act (Woo). This law governs the right to information about everything the government does and is the successor to the Freedom of Information Act (Wob). A good training helps employees become aware of their responsibilities and obligations under the Woo, ensuring that the government agency can comply with legal requirements.

In our micro-learning module, you will gain crucial knowledge, such as which data must be actively disclosed, the benefits of transparent working, and practical tips to seamlessly integrate the new rules into your daily work.

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P.S. Our library is constantly evolving, and in the first quarter, we will be launching a new micro-learning module on AI. If you would like to learn more, please contact us.

How effective communication stimulates sustainable behavioral change

In our latest Awarecast episode, communication strategist and trainer Gonda Duivenvoorden, along with Program Management Head Hannah Boom, share valuable insights into effective strategies, particularly in the context of secure information handling.

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Stay tuned…Awareways keeps you up to date on current developments in security, privacy, data integrity and ‘the human factor’.

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