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Awareways SMS phishing training

15 February 2023|

Smishing or SMS phishing is a form of scam in which Internet criminals approach their targets with text messages. The goal of SMS phishing is also known as smishing. It [...]

Clean Out Your Computer Day

13 February 2023|

In today’s digital age, computers play a crucial role in our daily lives. From work to entertainment, we rely on them to get things done and stay connected. So it’s [...]

Introduction: Lisette & Joshi

8 February 2023|

It is with great pleasure that we welcome these two colleagues. Besides a lot of energy, they are also bringing in a lot of knowledge. Meet Lisette, program manager and [...]

New colleagues in November

9 November 2022|

Overview Introduction 31 October 2022 Introduction: Remy, Mehrdad and Serena We continue to introduce our new contributors to you. Today the trio consisting of Remy, [...]

Introducing Ann Schoot Uiterkamp

12 July 2022|

AWAREWAYS update! We figured it would be cool to take our security awareness 'movement' literally and sponsor someone that is moving forward in her sport and is very result driven [...]

The deciding factor in an awareness campaign

30 May 2022|

Creative communication campaigns are an important part of our approach. Our experts develop powerful concepts as a framework for your entire security awareness campaign. For everything from a one-off guerrilla [...]

Introducing: Jelle Looijen

12 May 2022|

"Account executive, business developer, commercial ambassador – the job title is not interesting, I just think 'sales' in particular is an ugly word. Being service oriented and interacting with our [...]

Introducing: Pascal Koelemij

30 March 2022|

So many new colleagues, so little time... Today we would like to introduce Pascal Koelemij, which also provides an opportunity to tell you a bit more about Learning & Development, [...]

Wanted: Intern Marketing & Communications

23 December 2021|

We are looking for a (future) communications specialist who wants to test, improve or simply share with the world their newly acquired (or upcoming) MarCom skills in the daily practice [...]


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