Are you planning a theme day or week? Hoping to mobilize ambassadors? Missing support from the highest level? One of our interactive sessions might be just what you need. Founder of Awareways and social psychologist Maarten Timmerman is a sought-after speaker who will find just the right tone of voice to touch your audience.

Sessions you may consider

  • Motivational keynotes that inspire, shock and inform. A one-hour meeting which is sure to get the debate going for long after. Together we will decide what the exact focus of the keynote will be.
  • Catch the Flag: an interactive session by hacker Harm Blankers, partner of Awareways. Which team is first to crack the code?
  • That’s Phishy!: in this interactive session, your employees get to work to write the perfect phishing mail to trick all their co-workers. An effective method to learn more about the ‘red flags’ of a real phishing email.
  • The safest person of…, an interactive quiz delivered by a real quizmaster to highlight the subjects of security and privacy in a fresh manner. Great fun and highly informative.


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