In this training we’ve taken gamification to a new level. In the Human Firewall training platform your employees will take on dangerous hackers! Ask about the possibilities or request a demo using the contact form below!

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Human Firewall Training

Our security awareness training platforms can be flexibly adapted and expanded based on new insights and processes, technical measures and the constantly changing laws and regulations. But the possibilities do not stop there. We have several interactive platforms at our disposal. In this virtual simulation the key is to build the human firewall as a team, together with all employees.

The training makes use of stimulating gamification and organisation-related storytelling in which the security of your organisation is a collective effort – as it should be! Ideal for BIO or ISO 27001. Let’s level up!

Level Up as a team effort

In our challenging security training platforms, we bring your employees’ information awareness to the right level by using stimulating gamification principles. In the Human Firewall tool, training is not an individual exercise but a joint effort – against hackers who have it in for your organization.

In a cat-and-mouse game, realistic risks and (cyber) threats are implemented into the daily routine, work situations and information facilities of your organization. A Human Firewall training program that appeals to the group spirit, where every employee is part of the security chain!

Ask about the possibilities or request a demo via the contact form below!

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The Challenge

Suspicious activity has been detected in your organization’s systems. The CISO is concerned, and storms into a management meeting. “We’re under attack!

The security department is working around the clock, but can’t seem to turn the tide. The Security Officer makes an unorthodox proposal: all employees are called to their battle stations if we wish to avert this attack.

Employees Vs. Hackers

In the mission that follows, the employees battle the hacker by completing challenges using (and learning) basic skills of security awareness and information security. If their mission is successfull, they earn points and can reduce the point total of their common opponent. The better the employee performs in a task, the more he will catch up to the intruder. When all participants complete the tasks successfully together, the human firewall is activated.

Dashboard control

During the simulation, the participant can monitor his progress as well as that of the team. After all, when fending off an attack like this, the actions of the collective are just as important as all the individual efforts.

Optional: After completing each phase (four in total), participants can download the most important questions and answers as PDF files. These can be used as reference material in the future.

Security – a collective responsibility

In our Human Firewall platform, we set out to deploy various themes – from strong passwords and the security of your workplace to phishing and ransomware – in a target-oriented way and with a focus on the organization as a whole. After all, every employee is part of the human firewall, the security chain of your organization.

We combine a theoretical build-up of knowledge with a practical testing of that know-how, based on everyday scenarios that (may) occur specifically in your organization.

Will your employees succeed in combining their knowledge to make and keep your organization safe?

Our Human Firewall platform…

  • …is available for all common browsers;
  • …can be offered in several languages (and employees can switch between them);
  • …is customized by Awareways to fit policies, terminology and daily work situations;
  • …has an adjustable duration (typically 6-8 weeks);
  • …features an environment where managers can monitor the progress of their team or department.

The Human Firewall training can be part of a larger Awareways awareness campagne, but is also perfectly suitable to imploy as a stand-alone product.

Ask about the possibilities or request a demo via the contact form below!


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