Whitepaper: the benefits of gamification


In this whitepaper, we explain how effective implementation of gamification in security awareness training is key in evolving from the awareness phase to actual behavioral change.

Gamification in learning platforms

Ga·mi·fi·ca·tion: the application of elements of game play – including interaction, point scoring and competition – in a non-game context to encourage engagement and commitment.

The demand for gamification as a tool for valuable knowledge transfer has increased drastically. This is because the application of game principles in learning interventions increases interaction and engagement with the material and has been shown to contribute to the efficiency of the learning process. A by-product is that it ‘makes learning fun again’.

Whitepaper gamification

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The development of gamification…

“It used to be that ‘gaming’ and ‘learning’ were seen as opposites,” says Tommie Wildschut, visual designer and UX (User Experience) expert at AWAREWAYS, responsible for gamification and storytelling in our learning programs. “Particularly in the early years of gaming, it was seen as a hobby with no distinct value beyond the entertaining pastime itself.”

… in security awareness training

“Fortunately, that has changed tremendously. Gaming can make a very valuable contribution to everything from brain development and problem-solving skills to motor- and social skills. In addition, people have also come to recognize that it is a hugely effective way to convey information.”

When you develop a learning environment with gamification – or gamified learning platform – and participants are approached as gamers, the training approach must match that approach. Do you want to know how? Then be sure to request our whitepaper level up your security awareness.

The benefits of gamification…

Gamification as an application in learning programs offers creative opportunities to make topics more interactive and challenging, so that you engage with them in a stimulating way. The social element of gamification as an application in training (processing learning material in groups and/or in the form of competition) is an additional factor of stimulation, as social interaction promotes engagement as well. On top of this, game elements – winning, positive feedback and the social interaction with, in this case, colleagues – further increase the effectiveness of learning.

… in security awareness

Gamification has a positive influence on the attention span of participants, thanks to interaction, dynamics and engagement. The competition of a game environment provides an ongoing stimulus to work with the material – resulting in an enhanced focus on the content and a more effective retention of the material. Elements such as immediate feedback and earning badges for successful completion of challenges affect motivation, drive and the degree to which the material sticks.