Security awareness developments

Continued innovation is essential for sustainable behavioral change. That applies to our own privacy and security awareness learning platform Wave, too. We’d like to keep you up to date on developments, like the addition of new features and interventions.

Would you like to find out what these features can do for your organization?

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New features Q3 in Wave

The following new features are now live for all our customers in Wave. It’s how we ensure that behavior change is further improved – and stays that way.

1 | Wave Activity Dashboard

The Activity Dashboard provides insight into progress for the entire organization. For example, you can see how many employees are signed up on the platform. The dashboard also visualizes the number of employees (as a percentage) who have started and completed a training course (or part of it). Useful graphs give a good picture of user activity over a period of your choice (week, month, year).

2 | Official recognition for Accessibility

In Wave, you will now find a statement of accessibility in addition to the familiar privacy statement. Wave has been audited by the Accessibility Foundation in accordance with the accessibility guidelines (WCAG), after which our learning experience platform was recognized as an accessible learning platform (WCAG 2.1). | Find out more about Wave’s recognition as an accessible learning platform

3 | LTI integration

LTI is short for Learning Tool Interoperability. It is a standard that allows a connection to be made between two learning systems, in this case between Wave and your organization’s learning environment. This has several advantages, including easy integration, single sign-on, and working in an already familiar environment, including reporting structure and email notifications. Wave provides support for LTI 1.3.

4 |  New skill game: Handle With Care

In learning programs, it is very effective to approach one topic from multiple angles. This is why skill games, developed in-house and built by our partners at Game Tailors, are an important part of Wave. Our skill games focus on micro-learning: teaching one specific skill about one topic. In our latest game Handle With Care, you practice classifying and securely transmitting sensitive information.

5 | Target groups

In Wave, we can offer training to specific target groups within the learning platform. That is, we offer part of the program separately for all target groups (teams, employees with specific responsibilities) who have different (or additional) training needs within the organization. Employees within such a target group will only see the training(s) assigned to them. Employees who change target groups retain access to previously (created) training courses to keep their history.

6 |  Languages and themes

Much attention is paid to the content of our trainings, but the diversity of our curriculum is important as well. We have therefore added the languages Ukrainian, Farsi and Amharic to arrive at a total of 38 different languages. Also, the list of color themes for the client environments has now been completed to offer a choice of ten different themes, including Sky Blue, Cosmic Cobalt, Pumpkin Orange and Chili Red.

7 |  ‘Level’ removed

We believe it is important to only have gamification elements that really add something be part of the platform. After internal and external evaluation, we found that the ‘Level’ element for instance did not meet this requirement. It did not benefit the learning experience and user experience and therefore it was decided to remove this element from the platform.

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New features Q2 in Wave

1 | Learning from your mistakes in the feedback overview

Making mistakes is a crucial step in behavior change. For a maximum behavioral change, the user must take time to examine and evaluate their own performance thoroughly. At the end of the learning experience, in the new feedback overview in Wave, the user is shown all the given answers again. Then the user can examine and reread why an answer was right or wrong.

2 |  See where you stand

Within a learning platform, you want to be able to quickly see where you stand. Of course, repetition is always good, but accidentally repeating a workout can lead to frustration. This new feature allows you to see at a quick look which training has already been completed, and where new learning opportunities remain. This allows the user to easily choose between practicing with a familiar or a new microlearning.

3 | Coming soon

Behavior change is customized. What works well for one organization does not automatically work for another. With Wave, your organization is fully in control. Besides offering different learning moments in bundled trainings, it is now also possible to choose different launch moments within a training. The ‘coming soon’ feature shows the user that there is more to learn soon.

4 |  Automatic insight into individual progress

Proper reporting is indispensable in a security awareness program. Thanks to a new automatic API export capability, organizations can rest assured that the correct information is clearly transmitted for each individual employee.

Features update Q1

1 | Available is 37 languages

Language shouldn’t be a barrier to learning. Wave is now available in as much as 37 different languages, as it is our goal for everyone to easily participate and fully comprehend the material.

2 | Skill game: Risky Business

Practice a specific skill in a safe and fun way. Your employees will learn all about risk assessment in the latest skill game: Risky Business. This game is designed not only to train your employees, but also to embed the desired behavior in such a way that they can later demonstrate it in the real world.

3 | Hints

Effective training must be accessible, comprehensible and motivational. Proper feedback is an essential part of that. Which is why hints have been added to provide information on, for example, how many correct answers there are per question.

4 | Badges awarded

Obtaining badges during training is a great way to get feedback on your progress and performance. It encourages continued learning, provides a sense of appreciation and commitment to training. Collect them all!

5 | Target group segmentation

Safety applies to everyone, but often different groups or teams within the organization are faced with different risks. To ensure safety, they need to demonstrate different behavior. This requires customized content. Wave can differentiate in content in such a way as to focus on specific risks.

6 | Access with your own company account

Integration with SSO allows you to connect to Wave. This allows your employees to access the learning platform through their own company account.

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