Security awareness developments

Continued innovation is essential for sustainable behavioral change. That applies to our own privacy and security awareness learning platform Wave, too. We’d like to keep you up to date on developments, like the addition of new features and interventions. Curious what these features can do for your organization?

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1 | Available is 37 languages

Language shouldn’t be a barrier to learning. Wave is now available in as much as 37 different languages, as it is our goal for everyone to easily participate and fully comprehend the material.

2 | Skill game: Risky Business

Practice a specific skill in a safe and fun way. Your employees will learn all about risk assessment in the latest skill game: Risky Business. This game is designed not only to train your employees, but also to embed the desired behavior in such a way that they can later demonstrate it in the real world.

3 | Hints

Effective training must be accessible, comprehensible and motivational. Proper feedback is an essential part of that. Which is why hints have been added to provide information on, for example, how many correct answers there are per question.

4 | Badges awarded

Obtaining badges during training is a great way to get feedback on your progress and performance. It encourages continued learning, provides a sense of appreciation and commitment to training. Collect them all!

5 | Target group segmentation

Safety applies to everyone, but often different groups or teams within the organization are faced with different risks. To ensure safety, they need to demonstrate different behavior. This requires customized content. Wave can differentiate in content in such a way as to focus on specific risks.

6 | Access with your own company account

Integration with SSO allows you to connect to Wave. This allows your employees to access the learning platform through their own company account.

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