Updates from our in-house development team


In 2022 and beyond, you can expect quite a bit from us, including a serious step forward with our online learning environment.

You can read more about our plans here.

Online learning environment

Our software development team is working on a major development of our security awareness learning environment.

This means, among other things, new applications thanks to the latest insights in the field of online learning, important adjustments to capture and engage participants, and even more emphasis on behavioral change, not just knowledge transfer. Naturally, the latest updates from the world of security and privacy have also been incorporated.

AWAREWAYS Cultuurscan

Practical implications

The further development of our online learning environment for awareness interventions has, of course, also brought plenty of improvements on the practical side.  For one, the management dashboard has been optimized, while the modular structure makes the learning platform more flexible.

Then there is our commitment to accessibility, which we talk about here.

Data reporting and visualization in the back end have been improved as well. This means that our DNA (or Data ‘N Analytics) team has even more valuable input at its disposal for analysis and evaluation.

Mati Kochen, our tech lead: “We already have insight into the levels of knowledge and progress per participant, but we will now also be able to assess effectiveness at the departmental and organizational level, and even between companies and industries – in order to further sharpen the tools and methods of our campaigns.”

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