Hey CISO, have you planned your campaigns for 2024 yet?

Have no fear, our Cybersecurity Calendar 2024 is here

Have no fear, our Cybersecurity Calendar 2024 is here

As a CISO, you’ve known it all along: it’s important to have cybersecurity on the agenda all year round. It’s the only way to maintain the proper level of security awareness and handle data securely, day in and day out. The various cybersecurity ‘public holidays’ on our 2024 calendar highlight different ways to do just that. Leverage them in your internal communications to continue raising your employees’ information awareness in the new year.

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How to keep cybersecurity on the agenda all year

De Awareways Cybersecurity kalender 2024, een overzicht van alle awareness feestdagen.

A CISO must be ready to fend off cyber threats 24/7, all year round. Our 2024-edition of the Awareways Cybersecurity Calendar shows you all security awareness ‘public holidays’. You can even add your own to the mix. Request it for free and get inspired!

Looking for the best defense against cyber crime? That starts with training your employees. In our learning experience platform Wave, they learn how to handle information securely. We believe that learning about information security should be attractive and accessible, and should change behavior sustainably. Wave is designed based on microlearnings that form a user-centered security and privacy awareness training.