Culture change training for information awareness



Information is ‘power’. The awareness program will yield the best possible results only if there is a profound insight in the level of information awareness of your employees.

The Awareways baseline measurement, Culture scan, is a tested method to measure, analyze and intensify information awareness. The results can be translated into concrete future measures.

What is the Security Awareness Culture Scan?

The Awareways Culture scan reveals the present level of information awareness. At the same time, it challenges employees to reflect on their personal knowledge and behavior. Ergo, taking part in the security awareness survey is an awareness intervention in itself.

The survey offers concrete results, such as:

  • the current level of information awareness;
  • insight in cultural aspects, including the social standard, relevance and behavior;
  • practical focus points for a security awareness follow-up program.

What to expect?

The lead time of the baseline measurement is six weeks, including the preparatory phase and the final presentation before the (managing) board. We work with you to design a tailor-made questionnaire, taking into account your company culture and lingo. Our project manager will work with you to make a planning, prepare the questionnaire and optimize all communications.

What about your employees?

All employees will be invited to participate in the baseline measurement. It is clearly stated that all participation is anonymous to avoid socially accepted responses. Filling out the survey will take 8 to 10 minutes and can be performed on all main mobile devices.


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