Awarecast, the podcast

In our podcast, we discuss the various information security risks that you may encounter in everyday life, both online and offline. Awarecast provides tips on how to become more resilient.


In episode 4, we’re talking about leading by example:

Awarecast lead by example

Episode 4

Leading by example; it sounds obvious, but it’s often more difficult than it seems. What’s more, the influence of a role model function is frequently underestimated. How do you handle this within your organization? Our guests are: Member of the Dutch Parliament and vice-chairman of the Digital Affairs Committee Hind Dekker-Abdulaziz and Awareways co-founder Geertje Veenbergen.

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Episode 3

What is gamification and how does it contribute to behavioral change? Our host Joost will find out in the third episode together with our guests: Olivier, founder of Game Tailors, and Tommie, account executive at Awareways and former UX & Gamification designer.

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Episode 2

In this episode, Nick, chief information security officer at Renewi, and Maarten Timmerman, social psychologist and CEO of AWAREWAYS, dive into behavioral change. They explain you precisely how behavioral change occurs within their organization and how they deploy it in their various fields.

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Episode 1

In the first episode we interview Jan-Willem Bullée, assistant professor at the University of Twente and our in-house expert in the field social engineering. Jan-Willem explains what social engineering is and how to become more aware of social engineering attacks like email phishing and voice-phishing.

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Awareways works for governments, healthcare providers and commercial service providers in a range of industries and countries. Interactive learning programs use storytelling, educational principles, communication and gamification to train staff in information awareness.

The core of these programs is a unique learning environment, the place where all interventions come together. In consultation, the right approach is chosen to facilitate real cultural change in your organisation. Is information security a choice, or the foundation of a responsible and future-oriented business? Would you like to know more? Feel free to contact us!