In our podcast, we discuss the various information security risks that you may encounter in everyday life, both online and offline. AWARECAST provides tips on how to become more resilient.


Episode 1 is all about social engineering:

Episode 1

In the first episode we interview Jan-Willem Bullée, assistant professor at the University of Twente and our in-house expert in the field social engineering. Jan-Willem explains what social engineering is and how to become more aware of social engineering attacks like email phishing and voice-phishing.

Episode 2

In the second episode of AWARECAST, Nick Birjmohun, CISO of Renewi, joined our hosts Maarten and Joost for a deep dive into information security and behavioural change. Online soon!


AWAREWAYS works for governments, healthcare providers and commercial service providers in a range of industries and countries. Interactive learning programs use storytelling, educational principles, communication and gamification to train staff in information awareness.

The core of these programs is a unique learning environment, the place where all interventions come together. In consultation, the right approach is chosen to facilitate real cultural change in your organisation. Is information security a choice, or the foundation of a responsible and future-oriented business? Would you like to know more? Feel free to contact us!